Frequently Asked Questions

What does your booking process look like?
Here's a snapshot of our booking process:
  1. Introductions. Hi! We're Lovesick Deejays. Pleasure to meet you.
  2. We look into the details of your event: when and where it is, if we're available, what services you'd like, what equipment we'd need to bring, and so on.
  3. Once we have a firm understanding of what you're looking for, we send over a quote. (For more on this process see What are your rates?)
  4. If everything looks good, cool, we then make it official with a contract and a deposit.
  5. We're official! Rad. Now it's time to dive into the music! Whether over email, through Skype, or in person, we carefully walk through what you want, what you don't want, and any overall ideas you have for the event. If you know exactly what you want, great! If you haven't an idea, not a problem! We're here to help.
  6. We iron out the remaining details. Timelines, floor plans, day-of logistics, coordination with other vendors and/or planners, a site visit (if needed), and so on.
  7. We party! Music, laughing, dancing, and good times.
  8. Until next time <3 <3 <3
What are your rates?
Our rates vary depending on a handful of variables such as travel costs, what equipment we'll need to bring, what all you'd like us to do, how large the event is, and so forth. For example, the needs for a local birthday party versus an out-of-state, three-location wedding are substantially different, and our rates would vary accordingly.
What's included in your standard package?
Included with every event we play: custom, hand-selected music for the entire event, a professional-grade sound system, prompt email (or phone) responses from now till the day of, planning, planning and more planning, and if desired a site visit and/or a meet up.
What kind of music do you play?
  • We like to play music that heightens the mood, that serve and soundtrack the occasion at hand. When putting together records for an event we start with what you want as our starting base and we then blend in a complimentary mix of classics, hidden gems and personal favs, old and new, to create moods that excite and surprise.
  • Depending on the party, what we play can range from soul, funk and disco to rock 'n' roll, post-punk and glam. Or perhaps the night will call for r&b, pop and hip hop, or jazz, folk and indie. (Or much else!) In particular though we like warm grooves, buzzing guitars and unexpected harmonies. Music you can move your body to. Songs that makes you smile, shout, and scream!
What equipment do you bring?
  • Our standard setup is two turntables and a microphone (where it's at?)—plus a mixer, two 15" Yamaha MS400 speakers, and speaker stands. We're happy to add in extra speakers, a sub or two, wireless mics, and whatever else as well, just make sure to ask!
  • As to the formats we play, we take a vinyl-first approach, preferring the warmth of analog grooves whenever possible (and, well, we just have a whole lot of the things too). Nonetheless we also have a digital setup for selections we haven't yet picked up elsewhere.
Question(s) not answered?
Send us an email: We'd love to talk!


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